Hello my dear friends, unfortunately I hurt my back whilst shoveling snow on Sunday morning. That meant that I had to rest a lot by lying down, because sitting was the worst thing I could do. So whilst lying down I took the time to write up a tutorial of my hymn page feathers for you. I love these feathers so much! When I look at them I imagine being embraced by them and any worries being taken away from me. I also imagine feelings of comfort, warmth and safety. I chose to use hymn pages because this is how I imagine Angels wings to look. What better choice than paper written with songs for God, made into angel feathers? Of course you can make these feathers out of music sheets, book pages, dictionary pages, or any other kind of paper that would suit you or your creation best. The feathers are very easy to make, they take a little time, but you will love them when you are done. I have made a few feathers out of different papers so you can see what they will look like. Some more hymn page feathers. This feather was made from a very old German book. The writing is called “Alt Deutsche Schrift” ~ Old German Writing. My grandmother used to write like this and taught me how to read it. This feather is made from a dictionary page. Now let us start … this is what you will need: – Hymn pages (music sheets, dictionary pages, book pages) – Scissors – Tacky glue – Wire cutters – Cloth stem wire wire 22 gauge (mine was 45 cms long) – Piece of card for the template – A pencil To start off with, print out the template. I have given you 2 sizes, a larger feather and a smaller one. I will have all measurements listed for both of them. Cut a piece of wire 35cms/20cms long long and bend the wire in half, so that one end is 3cms longer than the other. Take a piece of paper of your choice, and draw a line of glue down the center and place your wire into the glue, leaving the single piece of wire of 3cms out at the bottom. Now place your second sheet of paper on top of the first, press it down firmly and leave it to completely dry. After it is dry, cut out your template and lay it on your sheet with the wire centered and draw around it ~ now you can cut the feather shape out. Next cut a fine strip of paper about 5 mm wide and the length of a page, spread some glue on it and wrap it around the uncovered wire, starting at the top. When you get to the end of the wire, wrap it around one last time, cut it the excess off and let it dry again. Now comes the fun part! Taking a pair of sharp scissors, and cut fine diagonal lines into your feather towards the center where the wire is but be sure to not cut all the way down to the wire. Cut all the way around your feather… and voila you are done!!! Sit back and take a look at your beautiful creation! I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial as much as I have making it for you and just remember that these feathers will be delicate after you have made them – they are made from paper after all! And last but not least … … a new pincushion I would like to share with you. Made from a vintage baby cup, some old lace and a boot button for the center of the flower. I love the look of old tarnished things! I always wonder who they used to belong to so many years ago. Have a peaceful and creative day, Karen B.

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