Hey Ladies! {Julia here!} I have a confession to make. I have a lot of t-shirts. 😀 If you do too, or know somebody who does… *cough* then you really, really need to know this brilliant way to organize them… and all of your bureau drawers, actually! The GREAT things about this method are that not only can you fit tons of your t-shirts into your drawers, you can easily see each and every one AT ONCE, so you end up wearing them all instead of just the few thrown on top, and when you’re looking for a particular shirt you don’t have to shuffle through piles of haphazardly-stacked clothes and turn your dresser into a crime-scene-look-alike when getting dressed for the day. 😉 I actually ran across this idea on Pinterest a few months ago, which inspired me to do it for myself, but I couldn’t find the original post to link to. So, to some brilliant person out there, thanks very much!! Here’s how it works…. Fold the shirt in half. Tuck in the sleeves. Fold the shirt in half like this. Fold again. I actually wear a size large or long medium t-shirts, but if your shirts are shorter you might find you only need to fold them in half, then fold in thirds. THEN- STORE IN THE DRAWER STANDING UP, LIKE THIS. TA-DAAAAA! Um yes. How easy was that? And now you can see each item of clothing at a glance. Perfecto! If you want to go all OCD and organize them by hue like I did, feel free. 😉 It even works for your other clothes like pajamas, casual pants, shorts, capris, and jeans. You just have to figure out what size to fold them so that they fit in your drawers upright. If you have nice deep drawers like my dresser, this will be easier. 😀 Did I really just post a picture of my pajama drawer online? Lol…. Let us know if this fab way to organize your bureau worked for you! You will find us linked up at some of these fine sites.

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