Due to Etsy’s fee increase we have raised our prices on this platform. All of our items and many (600+!) more are all available at a lower price on our primary website: This also includes custom buttons, magnets, and bottle openers.At the coffee shop or on a bus or train to write or read or just get to work without having to talk to anyone? Do you ALWAYS end up having someone interrupt your social cues (laptop, headphones, book) and talk to you anyway? How about adding another one? This is a set of 3 buttons or magnets. All artwork is laser printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper. Each item is affixed to a card, wrapped in recycled tissue paper, and tucked into a small paper bag for extra padding before bring place in an envelope. I also make custom 1″, 1.25″, & 2.25″ buttons if you would like buttons of your own images, please see my listings in the section for Custom buttons for pricing.

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