Patricia Roxas Chua designed these business cards for Lil’ Haven, a provider of high-quality DIY woodcrafts projects in the Philippines. “Lil’ Haven understands how each product contributes to its customers’ well-being, which is why they aim to provide their customers with what they need in their wood crafting journey,” Patricia said. Patricia managed Lil’s Haven’s branding project, including designing its logo, packaging and business card. “Through the discovery call, we were able to identify the brand’s personality and overall design direction. We wanted to focus on being a fun, friendly and bold brand.” The design concept consists of three things: building blocks, the brand’s initials (LH) and the shape of a house. As for the pattern on the back of the card, it was created based on the Lil’s Haven’s initials stacked together and arranged in a way that imitates slabs of wood. “Through the deliverables we also wanted to communicate the brand’s DIY, rustic and creative aspects. That’s how we decided on a bright, colourful and bold colour palette, and a handmade and friendly logo and typography.” These business cards were printed by Fortune Packaging Corporation. See also Habitat Real Estate Business Card“The cards were printed on matte laminated…

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