So, you’ve started your own business, you’ve advertised it on social media, and the first influx of clients have found you. To strengthen the bond and spread the word about your services further, you’ve decided to order the first batch of custom business cards. And no matter whether you own an auto repair shop or offer legal services, your business card is your new face.Now, we’ve all probably thrown away a substantial amount of boring and unmemorable cards that were given to us on one occasion or another, but that is not the case with these creative business cards. These interesting and funny cards not only have the necessary information displayed in an easily understandable way, but some of them also double as cute fold-outs, silly scratch cards or even emergency dental floss. With such nifty traits, these unique business cards are sure to stay in your wallet upon further request for the services advertised.If you are interested in clever design and business cards ideas then this list, compiled by Bored Panda, is exactly what you are looking for. Scroll down to check the business card designs that are surely memorable, and maybe you’ll be inspired in making your own great advertisement. Be sure to vote and comment!

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