You’ve had two lives. The first is before you saw this pattern and the second is after seeing this DIY 6 Can Cooler Sleeve. This travel project takes your standard cooler to the next level. You may have seen a similar beer sleeve cooler on the popular invention show Shark Tank but with this version from Coats & Clark at Yarnspirations, you can make and customize your own at home! Why buy when you can DIY? If you’re heading out for a few hours or longer, you can now easily carry six standard cans of soft drinks, beer, water, or anything else you want to drink while you’re out and about. With the insulated fleece lining, you don’t have to worry about the drinks getting warm any time soon. The streamlined design is also a game-changer because it’s long and narrow instead of wide and bulky. It also has a handy webbing strap with a slide buckle. Most adults will have no trouble toting this can cooler sling around. That’s not all! Yarnspirations notes this cool feature, too: “Since the zipper opens at both ends, it’s easily accessible for two different types of drinks, so add a pal’s favorite to one end and yours on the other.” Any day you have this sleeve cooler with you is going to be even better. Join Sewing It Up For More Free Patterns, Tutorials, & Guides >>

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