Hey, hey — Happy Thursday!! Glad you stopped by another edition of Thinking Out Loud Thursday. It’s been organizing season at my house recently. If you saw my Weekending post, you know that Kelsey did a fantastic job whipping my craft room back into shape. (BTW, I’m 4 days in and it’s still looking good.) The next big project is my pantry. If you don’t see me for a few days, it means I could have gotten lost under all the junk in there. Please come look for me!! Every time I try to conquer cleaning out the pantry, I run into the same quandary — how long is the shelf life of this or that. Most items I keep in the pantry have the date stamped right on the outside someplace so it makes it pretty easy to weed through those items. Check out some of these food storage shelf lives! Who knew you could actually will your wheat to your kids and it would still be good. And what about when you’re cleaning out the frig? Just how long are those leftovers going to last? When I buy items at the store, how long are they still good? I better get busy cleaning out the pantry while I’m still in the mood. Oh wait, I think the mood might have already passed. Hopefully it will come back soon! Now the fun part — link up to Thinking Out Loud Thursday with me and Vanessa at X-tremely Vanessa . The rules are simple. Link back to me and Vanessa in your post and linkup your favorite post below. Super easy! #ThinkingOutLoudThursdays Enjoy more Thoughts for Thursday at Home of Malones East Coast Chic A Handful of Everything Hodges Podges Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop All Life’s Little Adventures The Deliberate Mom This is How We Roll

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