100+ Creative DIY Recycled Garden Planter Ideas to Try

Have you ever wondered what to do with those old tires, broken pots, or discarded household items? Why not turn them into unique planters for your garden? Recycling and repurposing materials not only helps to reduce waste but also adds a touch of creativity and charm to your outdoor space. Here are over a hundred creative DIY recycled garden planter ideas to inspire you.

1. Tires: Old tires can be transformed into stunning planters by painting them in vibrant colors and planting bright flowers or even vegetables in them. Stack tires of different sizes and create a tower of greenery in your garden.

2. Broken Pots: Instead of throwing away chipped or broken pots, embrace their imperfections by repurposing them as succulent or herb planters. The fragmented edges will give a unique edge to your garden.

3. Teacups and Teapots: Get creative with your teacups and teapots by using them as adorable container gardens. The delicate and playful nature of these items will add a whimsical touch to your garden space.

4. Wine Bottles: Empty wine bottles can make stunning hanging planters. Cut out a small section from the side of the bottle, add soil and plants, and hang them from a tree branch or patio.

5. Bathtubs: Old bathtubs can be turned into large planters for creating a mini-garden. Just drill drainage holes in the bottom, fill it with soil, and plant colorful flowers or veggies.

6. Dressers: Convert an old dresser into a captivating vertical planter. Remove some drawers, paint it in vibrant colors, and fill each level with plants and flowers.

7. Wheelbarrows: Give your old wheelbarrow a new purpose by repurposing it as a planter. Fill it with soil and create a mobile garden that you can move around your outdoor space.

8. Birdcages: If you have an old birdcage lying around, repurpose it as an elegant hanging planter. Line it with moss, add soil, and plant cascading flowers.

9. Suitcases: Vintage suitcases can be transformed into charming planters. Open the suitcase, add a waterproof lining, fill it with soil, and plant your favorite flowers for a unique garden display.

10. Mason Jars: Mason jars are versatile and make great mini planters. Hang them from tree branches or arrange them on a table for a rustic and charming touch.

11. Old Pallets: Turn those old wooden pallets into vertical planter walls. Fill each compartment with soil and plant a variety of flowers and herbs for a striking living wall.

12. Rain Gutter Planters: Hang rain gutters horizontally on a fence or wall to create a unique and space-saving planter. Plant herbs or flowers along the length of the gutter for a colorful display.

13. Tennis Shoes: Give your worn-out tennis shoes new life by transforming them into quirky planters. Fill them with soil and let plants burst out from the openings for an amusing touch.

14. Toy Trucks: Old toy trucks can be charming planters for succulents or small flowers. Find a suitable truck, remove its back, add soil, and plant away!

15. Rubber Boots: Don’t throw away your old rubber boots. Instead, plant some flowers in them and give them a new lease on life as adorable garden planters.

16. Coffee Cans: Empty coffee cans can be painted and turned into colorful planters for small flowers or herbs. Arrange them in your garden or hang them on a wall for a unique display.

17. Salad Spinners: Convert a salad spinner into an eye-catching hanging planter. Add moss a round the edges to hide the hole, fill with soil, and place your favorite plants inside.

18. Old Bicycles: Use an old bicycle in your garden as a unique planter. Remove the wheels and place pots on the frame or hang baskets filled with flowers from the handlebars.

19. Colanders: Turn old colanders into hanging planters. Plant colorful flowers inside, then attach chains or ropes to the handles and hang them from your porch or trees.

20. Broken Wheelbarrow: If your wheelbarrow’s handles or wheels have broken, repurpose it as a horizontal planter instead. Fill it with soil and plant trailing flowers or herbs.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on your DIY recycled planter journey. The possibilities are endless when it comes to repurposing everyday items into unique containers for your plants. Not only will you save money, but you will also create a one-of-a-kind garden that reflects your creativity and commitment to sustainability. So, gather up those old items, unleash your imagination, and start creating stunning recycled planters for your garden today!

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