If you are one of those people who had a childhood reading Enid Blyton books, then you can consider yourself lucky. While we are aware that Enid Blyton books lacked the technology and the sci-fi effects of current fiction, there was a certain simple appeal to them that made you feel good. Among the many aspects of Enid Blyton books, the one thing that remains in your mind is the kind of adventures children would have where they lived in caravans, camped and built treehouses. We are sure most of you who grew up reading these books, have a lot of longing for if not all at least one of the things that we mentioned above. While many of you may have lucky to have done one or most of these things, others may not be that lucky. Let us tell you that even if you feel that you cannot do any of them, you do have the chance to have a miniature tree house of your own. Yes, it is a small scale model of a bigger treehouse. There are many beautiful tree house ideas that you can look at and pick one out of.

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