Over 40 Homemade Halloween Decorations that are Easy to Make – and they are Awesome

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to get into the festive spirit by decorating your home. But instead of spending a fortune on store-bought decorations, why not try your hand at making some homemade ones? Not only will it save you money, but it can also be a fun activity for the whole family. From spooky ghosts to creepy spiders, here are over 40 homemade Halloween decorations that are easy to make – and they are awesome.

1. Ghosts made from cheesecloth: All you need is some cheesecloth, a balloon, and a wire hanger. Cover the balloon with the cheesecloth and hang it from the hanger. Remove the balloon once it’s dry, and you’ll have a spooky ghost to hang around your house.

2. Witch’s broomstick: Collect some twigs and tie them together at one end to create a broom. Add a ribbon or some felt to make it look more festive.

3. Spooky candles: Take some regular candles and melt red or black crayons over them to create a creepy effect. You can also glue spiders or other Halloween-themed items onto the candles.

4. Paper bats: Cut out bat shapes from black construction paper and hang them from the ceiling. You can create a whole swarm of bats to create a spooky atmosphere.

5. Mummy jars: Take some old glass jars and wrap them with strips of gauze to make them look like mummies. Add googly eyes for an extra touch.

6. Spiderweb doilies: Spray-paint white doilies with black paint to create spiderweb patterns. Hang them in windows or on walls for a festive touch.

7. Pumpkins made from mason jar lids: Paint mason jar lids orange and glue them together to create the shape of a pumpkin. Add a stem made from twigs or construction paper.

8. Halloween wreath: Use a grapevine wreath as a base and add Halloween-themed elements such as pumpkins, ghosts, or skeletons using glue.

9. Spooky silhouettes: Cut out spooky shapes like bats, witches, or cats from black cardstock and stick them on windows or walls for a haunting effect.

10. Bloody handprints: Dip your hands in red paint and leave bloody handprints on white sheets or windowpanes. This is sure to give your guests a fright.

11. Ghost balloons: Draw spooky faces on white balloons with a black marker. Hang them from the ceiling for a floating ghost effect.

12. Spider door wreath: Wrap black pipe cleaners around a wreath form to create spider legs. Add fake spiders to complete the look.

13. Eyeball garland: Cut out circles from white paper and draw eyeballs on them. String them together to create a creepy garland.

14. Haunted doll heads: Take old dolls and paint them white. Add black paint or marker to create hollow eyes and an eerie look.

15. Monster door: Cut out shapes like eyes, mouths, and teeth from colored cardstock and stick them on your front door to create a friendly monster.

16. Witch hats made from paper plates: Cut out the center of paper plates and decorate them to look like witch hats. Hang them upside down for a unique decoration.

17. Creepy hands: Fill latex gloves with water and freeze. Once frozen, remove the gloves and arrange the icy hands in a spooky display.

18. Poison bottles: Decorate old glass bottles with Halloween labels and fill them with colored water to create creepy potions.

19. Ghostly lights: Paint ping pong balls white and draw spooky faces on them. Insert string lights into the balls to create ghostly lighting.

20. Bat mobile: Cut out bat shapes from black cardstock and hang them from a wire hanger to create a mobile that can hang in your doorway.

With a little creativity and some basic craft supplies, you can easily make homemade Halloween decorations that are both spooky and impressive. Give these ideas a try and make this Halloween a memorable one with your unique decorations.

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