Do you often find life to be fraught with little frustrations that drive you up the wall? Do you yearn for practical ways to make tasks more manageable? Look no further! I’ve complied 19 life hacks that I swear to God you’ll want to try at home. These phenomenal, everyday life hacks are designed to save you time, money, and even a sanity check. Let’s get started, shall I?

1. Use Bread Clips to Label Cords: This age-old hack still holds water today! Use colorful bread clips to label cords. Write the purpose of each wire on these clips to avoid the frustration of identifying what wires lead to what appliances.

2. Bathroom Mirror Defogger: To prevent your mirror from fogging up after a steamy shower, liberally apply some shaving cream and then wipe it off. Thank me later!

3. Vacuum Cleaner & Toilet Paper Roll Trick: Can’t reach those tiny corners with your vacuum cleaner? Attach an empty toilet paper roll to the nozzle. It can be bent or folded as required to clean the toughest nooks and crannies.

4. Tin Foil Quick Iron: Is ironing your clothes not exactly your favorite chore? Halve your ironing time by placing tin foil under the ironing board cover. The foil reflects heat, ironing your clothes from below too!

5. Soap-in-Microwave For a Bath: If you like fancy, fluffy baths but don’t want to pay up for bath bombs, put a bar of soap in the microwave. It will expand and can then be crumbled into the bath for a frothy, luxurious soak.

6. Dryer Sheets & Dirty Pans: Got crusty pans that refuse to come clean? Fill the pan with water, drop a dryer sheet in it and leave overnight; it’ll clean up easily in the morning.

7. Salt & Chopping Board: After chopping garlic or onions, scrub your chopping board with salt to get rid of residual smell.

8. Lint Roller to Clean Lamp Shades: Use a sticky lint roller to effortlessly clean dust off lamp shades.

9. Clothespin Holder for Nails: Tired of accidentally hammering your fingers? A simple clothespin can hold the nail while you hammer; no need to put your fingers in the line of fire.

10. Ice Cubes for Carpet Dents: Use ice cubes to remove dabs from your carpet. The carpet fibers rise as they absorb the water.

11. Polish Copper with Ketchup: Believe it or not, the acid in ketchup makes it an excellent polish for copper. Put some on a cloth and rub down your pots for a new shine.

12. Everyday Key Organizer: Paint different keys with different nail polish colors for easy identification.

13. Coffee Ice-Cubes: Love iced coffee but hate when it gets watered down by the melting ice? Making coffee ice-cubes will keep your drink strong and chilled.

14. Toothpaste to Clean Sneakers: A whitening toothpaste works wonders on the white parts of sneakers. Scrub with an old toothbrush, and see the difference.

15. Rubber Band for Stripped Screw: Place a rubber band over the stripped screw before trying to unscrew; This gives your screwdriver something to grip.

16. Keep Jewelry Organized with Ice Cube Trays: Separate and organize your earrings or studs effortlessly by storing them in ice cube trays.

17. Use a Can Opener for Blister Packs: Blister packs are notoriously hard to open. Save your fingers by using a can opener instead!

18. Homemade Ice Packs: Fill a sponge with water, put it in a resealable bag, and freeze it. It makes an ice pack that won’t drip when it starts to thaw.

19. Use Binder Clips to Stack Bottles: A couple of binder clips in the fridge can help stack your bottles and maximize space.

These are the 19 life hacks you’ll definitely want to try at home. Remember, it takes a pearl of wisdom to make life easier in an onslaught of mundane tasks. After trying them out, you’d say a quick prayer of thanks. Why wait? Try them! It’s your game-changer; you’ll never look back.

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