With hectic schedules during the week, the weekend can be the perfect opportunity to complete exciting DIY projects that won’t break the bank. Here we’ve curated a list of 25 manageable and affordable weekend projects that can all be completed for under $20.

1. Decorative Candle Holders: Create unique holders by spray-painting wine bottles. You can purchase inexpensive candles to accessorize them.

2. Window Box Planter: Construct a simple but elegant window box planter that can enhance home curb appeal.

3. Personalized Coffee Mugs: Buy plain mugs and decorate them using permanent markers for a touch of customization.

4. Homemade Soap: With glycerin soap bases and essential oils, you can make your own soaps in a variety of scents.

5. Photo Collage: Print and frame a collage of your favorite photos for a personalized home decoration.

6. Bottle Cap Wind Chime: Collect various bottle caps and turn them into a cool wind chime for your porch or yard.

7. Fabric Scrap Wreath: Use leftover fabric scraps to create a vibrant, multicolored wreath for your door.

8. DIY Bath Bombs: Create inexpensive bath bombs in your desired scents and colors.

9. Butterfly Feeder: Set up a simple feeder to attract beautiful butterflies to your yard.

10. Hand-Painted Flower Pots: Give your garden a pop of color by decorating terracotta pots with paint.

11. Wooden Coasters: Cut slices from a fallen tree branch to make natural, rustic coasters.

12. Origami Decorations: Make origami flowers, lanterns, or birds to brighten up any room.

13. Homemade Bird Feeder: Convert a wooden board or an old wine bottle into a bird feeder.

14. DIY Earrings: With a little craft wire, beads, and earring hooks, create fashionable accessories to keep or gift.

15. Magnetic Spice Jars: Transfer spices into magnetic jars for a functional and stylish kitchen addition.

16. Tin Lanterns: Punch holes in repurposed tin cans to create rustic lanterns.

17. Succulent Terrarium: Construct a mini terrarium using a glass container, soil, and a variety of low-maintenance succulents.

18. Wall-Mounted Key Holder: Use paint, stencils, and hooks to transform a wooden plaque into a key holder.

19. Concrete Planter: Create modern planters using concrete mix and reusable moulds.

20. Decorative Mirror: Upgrade a plain mirror by gluing wooden dowels or seashells around the frame.

21. Herb Garden: Plant a windowsill herb garden to always have fresh herbs for your meals.

22. Yarn-Wrapped Letters: Wrap yarn around cardboard letters for a chic, textured home décor.

23. Decorated Plant Stands: Paint and decorate plain wooden stands to give your houseplants a lift.

24. DIY Vases: Upcycle old bottles or jars into vases using paint and twine.

25. Cross-Stitched Wall Art: Learn an old-school craft like cross-stitching to make charming wall art.

These projects not only provide a weekend activity but also add a personal touch to your surroundings. And the best part – all of these can be completed in just a weekend and on a budget of $20 or less! Ready, set, DIY!

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