There’s no denying that IKEA is a go-to destination for affordable furniture and home decor. However, despite your best efforts to choose unique pieces, it’s likely that thousands of other homeowners have the same IKEA finds taking centre stage in their homes. But there’s a way to turn these ubiquitous pieces into something unique – welcome to the world of IKEA hacking. Here, we’ll unveil 30 chic IKEA hacks to try for a unique home.

1. ***Floating Credenza***: Transform IKEA’s Besta units into a contemporary floating credenza in your living room. Add timber cladding and some discreet bracketing, and you’ve got a unique piece with plenty of storage.

2. ***Plamann’s Bed to Bench:*** A clever rework of IKEA’s Kallax single bed into a cozy and stylish bench.

3. ***Kallax into a Rustic Cube Shelf***: Apply a rustic wooden frame with distressed elements to the Kallax shelving unit for an industrial charm.

4. ***Tarva Dresser into a Rolling Desk***: A Tarva dresser on caster wheels serves as a mobile desk – perfect for small-spaces that need a bit of flexibility.

5. ***Customized Pax Wardrobe***: With a bit of paint, hardware, and creativity, the simple Pax wardrobe can turn into an elegant addition to your bedroom.

6. ***Billy Bookcase Built-In***: By simply adding crown molding and baseboard, you can convert the Billy bookcase into a custom-looking built-in bookcase perfect for your home library or study.

7. ***Malm Over Bed Table***: Elevate a humble Malm bed by creating a chic over-bed table with a Malm dresser and a glass tabletop.

8. ***Cat Climbing Shelf in the Stolmen Storage System***: Transform the Stolmen storage system into a stylish cat climbing shelf if you’re a pet owner.

9. ***Industrial Bistro Table***: A Vittsjo laptop table can easily be transformed into a chic industrial bistro table with some spray paint and a wood plank.

10. ***Lack Side Table into a Mid-Century Modern Piece***: Upcycle the Lack table with tapered legs and a fresh coat of pastel paint to parallel a mid-century modern aesthetic.

11. ***Rast Nightstand Makeover***: Add molding, leather pull handles, and a fresh coat of paint for a chic nightstand upgrade.

12. ***Bejeweled Frosta Stool***: Give the Frosta stool a glamorous makeover with gold legs and bejeweled surface.

13. ***Kallax Bar Cart***: Transition a Kallax shelving unit into an elegant and functional bar cart with the addition of caster wheels and wine glass holders.

14. ***Gold Leafed Vittsjo Coffee Table***: Elevate the Vittsjo coffee table with gold leafing to add a touch of luxury to your living room.

15. ***Chic Fauxdenza***: Stock today’s favorite – the fauxdenza, on the Besta from IKEA to make a chic credenza.

16. ***Farmhouse Coffee Table***: Hack the Hemnes to build a farmhouse coffee table with the addition of wood planks.

17. ***Latt Kids Table Makeover***: Allow IKEA’s Latt table to shine with a chalkboard paint.

18. ***Rustic Industrial Nightstand***: With a metal grid and a wooden countertop, the Hyllis shelf can turn into a rustic industrial nightstand.

19. ***Immaculate Bed Canopy***: Use Dignitet curtain wires to create a chic bed canopy.

20. ***Elegant Vittsjo Shelves***: Transform Vittsjo shelving using marble and gold spray paint for an elegant upgrade.

21. ***Mudroom Built-Ins from Hemnes:*** Turn the Hemnes into a functional mudroom built-in with plenty of storage.

22. ***Rustic Variera Spice Rack***: For fans of rustic-chic, a simple mod-podge and scrapbook paper makeover can enhance the Variera spice rack.

23. ***Window Seat with Storage***: A Kallax shelf unit makes a perfect window seat with bonus storage.

24. ***Retro Besta Credenza***: Try adding hairpin legs to a Besta storage unit for a unique retro-style credenza.

25. ***Industrial Svalbo Table***: Add industrial flair to the Svalbo table with a stained top and black painted bottom.

26. ***Lack Table Terrarium Display***: If you’re into succulents and terrariums, convert Lack tables into a chic display shelf.

27. ***Kallax Kitchen Island***: With some butcher block counter and paneling, you can make a compact kitchen island out of Kallax.

28. ***Luxe Malm Dresser***: Attach overlays or mirror panels to the Malm dresser for a luxe look.

29. ***Marble Moppe Mini Storage Chest***: Decorate the Moppe mini storage chest with marble contact paper for a chic desktop organizer.

30. ***DIY Banquette Seat***: Kallax shelving units serve well as a base for a DIY banquette seat, perfect for a kitchen nook.

With these beautiful and innovative transformations, you can definitely boast of a unique home. Happy hacking!

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