Mugshot Printable, DIY Mugshot, Mugshot Template, Mugshot Instant Download, Printable Mugshot Sign This listing is for a mugshot template file that you can edit on your computer and print at home or local copy shop. After your payment has processed, a single 10.5″ x 8″ PDF template file will be available for instant download from your Etsy account on “Your Purchases and Reviews” page. ** You will need to create an Etsy account in order to access “Your Purchases and Reviews” page. Please note that there are four lines of text that can be edited. Only the text is editable on the mugshot. This PDF includes automatically adjusting font size based on how many letters you type. CONTENT ================= This listing is for a PDF containing one Mugshot Sign template Mugshot measures 10.5″ x 8″ and is an editable template that you edit and print yourself on a computer using the instructions below. You cannot download digital files using the Etsy app. You must be on the Etsy website on a computer. HOW IT WORKS ================= 1) Add this item to your cart. Create an Etsy account if you do not already have one – Do not check out as a guest. 2) From a computer, download PDF from “Your Purchases and Reviews” page (after your payment has completed processing). 3) Download and install Adobe Reader DC on your computer: 4) From a computer, open your PDF with Adobe Reader DC 5) Edit your lines of text. Save each mugshot with a different file name. Create as many as you like. 6) Print them and enjoy! *To create multiple mugshots, once you download your file from Etsy, open it with Adobe Reader DC, edit it and save each mugshot with a different file name, open the template again and make a new one, and so forth. INFO ================= ♥ Simply purchase, download and edit your wording on your home computer using Adobe Reader DC. —– Adobe Reader DC is 100% Free and works on both Mac and PC. Copy and paste the website address into your browser to download and install on your computer: ♥ If you don’t have Adobe installed on your computer, or it’s not the default program for PDFs, then make sure you have Adobe installed and open so that when you open the mugshot PDF, it will open in the right program for editing (Adobe). ♥ The font for this PDF is locked, and the font size starts at its largest as you begin typing and then gets smaller as you add more letters/words. ♥ Keep in mind, the quality of your prints will only be as good as the paper, ink and printer you use. USING ONLINE PRINT SERVICES: Depending on the service you choose, you may need to provide them with a JPEG. Once you have saved your custom mugshot file as a PDF on your computer, open it again and save it as a JPEG file. MAC USERS: You will not be able to edit the templates using the default PDF viewer called “Preview.” You must download the latest version of Adobe Reader. WINDOWS USERS: You will not be able to edit the templates using the default PDF viewer called “Windows Reader”. You must download the latest free version of Adobe Reader. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CUSTOMIZE MUGSHOTS/PDFS ON A MOBILE DEVICE OR TABLET. WHAT YOU WILL NEED ================= 1) Computer 2) Adobe Reader DC — free download at 3) Printer and Ink (optional) 4)Card stock or thick paper, size 8.5″ x 11″ (optional) 5) Cutting Tools (optional) SHIPPING ================= ♥ No physical products will be shipped. ♥ One mugshot PDF template will be available for instant download from “Your Purchases and Reviews” page on Etsy. ♥ Due to the nature of the digital file, there will be no refunds. ♥ Here are Etsy’s instructions for downloading a digital item: TERMS OF USE ================= Strictly for personal use. Do not reproduce or resell content of PDF. DISCLAIMER ================= The designs in Perfectionate Props are original and copyrighted. The purchaser of an electronic PDF is to use such product, for personal, noncommercial use only and such product cannot be redistributed or sold. Print out as many of them as you wish and share the items with your family and friends. However, please do not share the files with others and do not sell items assembled from the printed documents. All art work is copyright of Perfectionate Props. Copyright is nontransferable. © Perfectionate Props 2023

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