Ginkgo biloba leaves. Did you ever hear about the Ginkgo Biloba tree? If yes probably the first thought in your mind was the unusual shape of the leaf. Am I right? Now imagine you in the woods, a lot of green colour surrounds you. Light wind is moving small branches. You feel only pure relaxed… Isn’t it a pleasure to be in such a nice place? This time we would like to present you with Ginkgo Biloba tiles which replicate this unique shape of the leaf. Covered with shades of green glossy glaze, light and old gold. To highlight this nature touch, the glaze is applied with a soft brush which makes every tile unique from the others. Feel a touch of nature in your interior. These tiles can be used in the bathroom or kitchen as special features among plain tiles or as a splashback. Price for 121 tiles = 1 square metre = 10.7639 square foot 121 pieces contain: 90 pcs green, 31 pcs old gold. Unfortunately, the light gold glaze is not available anymore. The size of ONE tile is: – the length of 4,134 ” = 10,5 cm, – a width of 5,315 ” = 13,5 cm, – thickness 0,23” = 6 mm. Packaging and delivery: All our tiles are individual pieces. Because we treat our planet with the highest respect our packages are reusable and recyclable. Cardboard box, starch-based chips and foam spaces. Typically, we pack 20 tiles into a small cardboard box. Small boxes are packed together into one big cardboard box with additional securing materials. If you prefer we can make OSB (wooden) box – contact us for details, please. We send parcels by one of the shipping agents, parcels are delivered by courier companies. For every other query feel free to contact us by the Contact Seller section or on our website. With great pleasure, we’ll answer all of your questions! Have a great day! ❤ Viola and Pawel Follow us on social media to keep up with our new items: ________________________________________ Set of 2 tiles – samples: Green Version: Red Copper version: Old gold version: __________________________________________ You can order a larger quantity, different colours and other designs. To do so, please contact us. In our manufacture, all the ceramic products are fully handmade with attention to every detail. Viola’s goal is to create patterns which will unite her three passions – ceramics, graphics, and design. We go with the times guided by the spirit of the past. __________________________________________

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