enly the farmhouse trend has dominated the interior design world, blending traditional comfort with modern functionality in a stylish blend. This trend has enveloped everything from kitchens to living rooms and now, to offices. Gone are the days of stiff, impersonal office spaces. Instead, we are seeing office spaces that exude warmth, inspiration, and welcoming energy – encompassing the classic farmhouse style.

In this post, we dive into the heart of a his and hers farmhouse office makeover – tracking the progress of the first two weeks. What was once a nondescript, uninspiring space will transform into a thriving work environment that calls upon our senses and sparks creativity.

Week 1: Planning & Design

The week begins with a proper brainstorming session. Our starting point for the office makeover is a rather dull room – a blank canvas with potential. To bring that potential to life, we need a clear vision. A vision board is created from likes, inspirations, and wishes – allowing both him and her to have their personal inputs mirroring personal style and functionality.

The fundamental concepts of the farmhouse style are taken into consideration: The charm of rustic, vintage appeal paired with modern amenities for a comfortable working space. Natural materials like wood, rustic metal accents, white shiplap walls, and soft cozy textures are the staple elements of this design. Other elements such as a spacious wooden desk, comfortable chairs, a designated area for relaxation, bookcases, and plenty of storage space are added to keep the space well organized and functional.

Floor plans are outlined for strategic furniture placement, taking in account his and her designated workspace. The availability of natural light is also considered to keep the office bright and airy.

Week 2: Getting to Work!

As the week rolls around, it’s time to get to the hammering, painting, and assembling. The first task at hand is to paint the walls in a neutral shade to brighten up the space. Shiplap style wall cladding brings the classic farmhouse touch and instantly lifts dull walls to a whole new level.

While the paint dries, focus shifts to the furniture. The shared workplace includes a spacious, rustic wooden desk, complemented by comfortable office chairs. The desk sits against the freshly painted shiplap wall, creating an inviting workspace.

A cozy reading nook is installed with an accent chair, lamp, and small side table. We aim to create a space where one can stretch out for a bit with a book or take a quick coffee break from work.

Storage spaces are vital for any office. A rustic bookcase is assembled to house books, personal moments, and other office paraphernalia. Floating shelves are added for extra storage and to reduce clutter.

To marry his and her styles, décor pieces are carefully selected. Antiques such as old clocks, vintage lamps, and classic photos are used to add intrigue. Indoor plants are added for a touch of greenery and to create an atmosphere of calmness.

And that’s a wrap on the first two weeks! From conceptualization to hands-on work, the office is slowly but surely transforming. It’s heartening to see the progress as the plan moves from vision to reality. The office is already showing signs of a space blending utility, inspiration, and charm. We can’t wait to see the final result of our farmhouse office makeover. Tune in to the weeks ahead as we continue to update you on this exciting journey!

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