Welcome! Note: The photos may show a different size than the curtain described below. This listing is 36 strands, each 60″ long. All curtains are unique and made-to-order; the photos are examples of our work, not the exact curtain you will receive. Be sure to check the size and number of strands of the curtain before purchasing. Color schemes by request at no extra charge. Get reds, blues, purples, warm colors, cool colors, dark colors, metals, or anything else you want. Need a different size? Just send a message with the height and width of the space you want to fill, and we’ll send you a quote. There are no extra charges for custom orders, and all custom orders are eligible for all sales and other discounts. We make curtains for bedroom windows, living room windows, kitchen windows, doorway curtains, sun catchers, you name it. No size is too big or too small. Each curtain is a unique work of art that is made by hand using real gemstones, glass, metals, and other materials. The bead curtains you see here take time and cost a little more than cheap plastic string beads. Read our reviews and see what people are saying. We are a family-owned small business located in Central Florida. We’ve been making art since 2016. As of June 2022, we have strung over 5 miles of beads, so we know how to make the best money can buy. Each strand is made using steel bead wire and is securely attached to steel rings for hanging. Shipping times vary, but most orders ship within 10 days. SPECS FOR THIS LISTING: One strand per inch of width is standard. 36 STRANDS, EACH 60″ LONG, PLUS MOUNTING RING 180 ft of beads

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