*PRODUCTION TIME* This is a custom made to order item. Production time is currently estimated at 4-6 weeks. Please note these are estimates only. We ask that customers allow for the full 6 weeks, however production may take longer. Estimated shipping dates will be reflected in your invoice. We will try to update estimated ship dates as best we can. Notifications will be sent when order ships. Set of 10 total Hair Extensions Set Includes: 7 Unwrapped wool Tie-dyed dreadlocks 3 x-cross wrapped tie-dye dreadlocks 2 Wood Bead 12 Flower Charm Beads (can be removed) Extensions are single ended. To have weft clips attached for easy installation please select the weft clip option under the drop down menu. Each extension will be sewn to its own clip. **Photos are for reference only. This is a custom order. Dread & Extension colors/materials will vary slightly, it is tie-dye after all!** -Wool dreadlocks do not truly mimic natural hair tones or texture. These extensions are designed to add decoration to your hair and appear dread-like- ———————————————————- Dread Color: Tie-Dyed– Lucky Clover (as seen in photos) *Want one of our other tie-dye color mixes? Just leave a note at checkout with your desired tie-dye color. Some of our other colors include dusty dawn, lucky clover, cool tone, etc. If you would like a custom dye job please inquire prior to checkout as there will be an up-fee. *Please note that colors may appear different on every computer Dreadlocks are made of soft hand dyed wool. We source only the finest wool and Nylon for our custom dreadlocks, as well as use high quality imported dyes. Our dying and production processes ensure product cleanliness, dye quality, and durability. HYGIENE POLICY: We have strict hygiene policies for our hair extension products. Due to these policies we are unable to accept hair extensions that have been used or opened. Extensions are packed in clear poly bags and labeled with a security void seal. Once this seal has been broken, the extensions are considered used. No exceptions. We will gladly accept exchanges on all unopened hair extensions as per policy within 7 days of delivery, with the exception of Custom Mixed hair colors as these have been specifically mixed per individual request. To avoid potential color issues, please contact us for assistance. ———————————————————- Wrap Color Options: 1) Custom Choices: Pick up to 6 wrap colors and we will wrap your dreads based on your personal color choices. 2) Surprise Me: We will wrap your dreads with colors of our choosing and based on what is in stock. 3) Same as Photos: We will make your dreads with wrap colors similar to reference photos. **Please note if no wrap colors are left with your order we will automatically send you the wrap colors used in the reference photos. *We have a vast assortment of string colors. Please specify what colors would be desired and we will do our best to accommodate. Pick up to 6 colors. Please be as specific as possible to ensure satisfaction. Ex. Forest Green, Burgundy, dark turquoise. You can also use Pantone colors for reference. ———————————————————- *Our round wooden beads have been discontinued. If these are used in the reference photos they will be replaced with our new thinner wood beads in similar sizes and colors. Wooden Bead Options: Please choose two Colors: Red Wood, Blonde Wood, Light Brown Wood, Dark Brown Wood (Out of stock of orange wood and large red wood beads. If these are used in reference photo, or requested they will be substituted to dark brown wood) *PLEASE LEAVE IN PERSONALIZATION BOX- If no bead colors are left we will use bead colors from reference photos. ———————————————————- -How to determine length & and where to install- Dreadlocks are bulky in nature and therefore may be slightly bulgy when installed. To best conceal the bulk of the locs, and blend with natural hair we recommend installing under the hair line around ear level around the head. To determine length you will want to measure from the point at which you would like to attach the extension (ear level or otherwise) to where you want the extensions to fall. Please view our video tutorial for further information. Thickness: Approx. 6-12mm unless otherwise requested Length: Your choice up to 26″. Length may not be exact, but should be within 1″ +/- of requested length. Choose “Custom Varied” if staggered lengths are desired. Leave length requests in personalization box (ex. 10-15″). *If no length requests are left with your order we will automatically send varied lengths of 12-16″ ———————————————————- Installation: Can be attached by way of braiding, weaving, bobby pinning, etc. For info on how to install into existing dreadlocks please see our Installation & Care Guide link below *See our video tutorial for braiding method and clip demonstration Video Tutorial: http://youtu.be/LYb7w4_DrRk Installation & Care Guide: http://www.purplefinchaccessories.com/dreadcare Top End Finish: Braiding Loop, or Weft Clips -Braiding Loop- This is the most natural looking installation. It is a semi-permanent method of installation, but can also be installed and removed on a daily basis if desired.This method can remain installed for up to 3 months, or with the natural growth of hair. Extensions can be re-installed over and over again. *Our extensions come as the braiding loop unless the clip option is selected. -Weft clips- professional hair extension clips, similar to snap barrette clips, but having “teeth” for a more secure installation. They allow for quick and easy installation for daily on and off wear. ———————————————————- **PLEASE LEAVE ANY CUSTOMIZATION CHOICES IN THE PERSONALIZATION BOX** COMMON QUESTIONS: 1. Can I get them wet? A: Absolutely! You can wash them as you would your normal hair. Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools they may lighten the the dye and hair wraps over time. We do recommend that all charms and/or beads are removed prior to water exposure. Please also keep in mind that similarly to wool clothing shrinking in a hot washing cycle, wool dreads may shrink when exposed to hot water over an extended period of time. For further care information please go to our site below 2. Do I have to have dreadlocks to wear these? A: Nope! You can add them to existing dreadlocks, or you can braid, clip, or weave them into normal hair. View our tutorial on how to add them to normal hair. http://youtu.be/LYb7w4_DrRk For more common questions please go to our website at www.purplefinchaccessories.com/dreadcare *REMINDER* Our dreadlocks are custom made to order. Please allow production time as stated above. Please see our Policies Page for return/exchange information. Design and photos have been registered with the US Copyright registry and are protected under our copyright laws ©2011-2016 -International Orders- Please note many countries require customs release charges/taxes (VAT). These fees are the responsibility of the buyer and should be researched, and taken into consideration prior to purchase.

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