The holidays are impinging on my weaving! Finely I decided I had time to squeeze in a fast project and save my sanity! The saori woven cap designed by Su-chan in her Saori studio in Japan has been on my mind for 8 mons now ever since I saw one at Terri Bibby’s studio. There is no pattern for the hats, the idea belongs to a designer in Japan and out of respect I can not give details, sorry. COME TO THE STUDIO TO SCHEDULE A 2 DAY CLASS IN WARPING AND WEAVING THE SAORI NO SEW HAT for more info contact me here click. for current saori hats for sale go to my etsy shop here saori hats for sale click here 1st bright cap warp for both caps so in 24 hours I did it! I woven two caps. these are all cotton and mix rayon yarns. I wound the warp yesterday afternoon, and sleyed the reed and threaded 1/2 the heddles. This morning I jumped out of bed and ran to the loom where I finished threading the heddles then beamed on and wove my first hat. Braked for lunch then started on the 2nd hat cap. The 2nd darker one is my winter solstice cap. Finished it by 3:30 pm. today loaded the photos and here they are, . The first cap , the brighter one, has shorter braided tassels. I like the longer ones on the second cap better, but I am going to break out the beads and add them to the shorter tassels to add length and sparkle. bright cap 1st bright cap 2nd winter solstice cap 2nd cap JILL NICKOLENE SANDERS WWW.SAORISANTACRUZ.COM my etsy shop

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