Fair Isle Scandinavian sweater women in Baby alpaca & Merino, Traditional Icelandic wool sweater Lopapeysa, Warm winter Nordic ski pullover. Fashion women’s Lopapeysa sweater Fair Isle hand knitted in soft… softest! 🙂 and warm yarn with Baby Alpaca. Handmade, cable knitted Scandinavian sweater Lopapeysa pullover with original Nordic patterned circular yoke. Scandinavian skiing jumper. Norwegian sweater raglan for women. This Lopapeysa Icelandic sweater is skin friendly, very warm and has light weight in the same time because unique yarn quality. I used not usual twisted yarn, but high-quality modern yarn. It is hollow weightless nylon cord filled with alpaca fluff 52% and merino wool with additional kidmohair / pure silk yarn. Before shipment, each pullover goes through a full cycle of wet heat treatment. It is one of most popular sweaters in my collection and nice gift for her idea. Composition: Alpaca Baby fluff / Merino Extra Fine / Kidmohair / Silk / Nylon Length: 58 – 72 cm depends on the size Width: size XS – 42 cm size S – 46 cm size M – 50 cm size L – 54 cm size XL – 58 cm size XXL – 62 cm size 3XL – 66 cm Length: 58 – 72 cm depends on the size When placing your order please add note with your body or favourite sweater measurements. I recreate the pattern for your perfect fit. A sweater with the same pattern, but without the addition of kidmohair and natural silk, you can order at this link here: https://www.etsy.com/EdelWear/listing/1276017649/fair-isle-sweater-womens-hand-knitted-in ?utm_source=Copy&utm_medium=ListingManager&utm_campaign=Share&utm_term=so.lmsm&share_time=1664023967846

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