Oh man, I just got back from New Orleans and my feet are trashed…I am a fairly smart cookie, but I learned never to ever ever ever again travel without bringing tennis shoes again. My feet are covered in blisters and spots rubbed raw by 3, yes 3, different pairs of sandals. Two of which admittedly I bought to try to improve the condition of my feet but yeah….I’ve learned… ANYWAY, that being said, I’m trying to let my feet recover on the couch and thought I’d do an update! I meant to post my surprise HP thing last week but didn’t have enough time before heading to the airport. It was…….a Harry Potter themed Teesha Moore style bag!! I gave it to Coley on Friday when she took me to the airport and I knew she’d love it just like I did! Here’s the picture porn for all to enjoy! All the individual panels are my favorite of the bag, though it was hard to pick “favorites” per say. They just turned out more like the picture I had in my head I guess. This bag is a good example of what I plan on selling in my etsy shop once I’m done with school – it’s just a bit too time consuming making these to try to open up shop right now…but April isn’t too far away!! *runs away to resume stitching madly!* Let’s see what my to do list consists of now… -finish hoopla for Erica Almost there, just need to get brave with some fabric paint to do the last finishing touches! -IYP (Invite Your Partner) swap item to finish The annoying thing about swap items is I really shouldn’t talk too much about them until the person gets it, lest they be a good stalker and stumbles upon my rambling about this and that….oh well, it’ll be awesome!! And I’ll need to make another version for myself. -20 TM panels completed Each month I set a minimum goal of TM panels to be completed to help build up my stock for the bags and whatnot that I’ll be selling…have yet to get started but it’s a nice way to fill in time when I have nothing to do. -1 bag or TM item completed for shop I’m starting a new goal to start making at least one item for my shop every month since I have a giant pile of panels I have yet to do anything with. I think that is about it…for now. Other things always have a way of slipping in without me realizing it hah. Have a great day guys!

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